Perimeter Place : Multi-Tenant Office Building Upgrades Lights, Saves Money with Pay-As-You-Go Financing

The Problem

Perimeter Place, a multi-tenant office complex in Sandy Springs, GA was looking to lower its operational over-head costs. This office complex is single-metered and the property owners pay the utility bills as a service to the tenants. Perimeter Place is a property of the Perimeter Sarbin LLC, which owns and manages a portfolio of locations throughout the greater Atlanta area. With increasing energy prices on the horizon in the next few years, lowering utility costs with high-efficiency technology was strategic choice to save.

The Solution

Jackson Corporate Real Estate teamed up with Green Lumens, a provider of leading efficient lighting products and retrofit solutions to commercial and industrial property owners. Green Lumens had previously completed 4 LED upgrade projects with Perimeter Sarbin. These projects in the past had proven savings for the property owner, so they knew that a similar upgrade was a best option for Perimeter Place. Green Lumens’ embedded financing partner, SparkFund, enabled Perimeter Sarbin to finance the $147,000 project over 60 months with an operating lease structure. Upon completion in February of 2016, this project will save Perimeter Sarbin $61,923 annually along with preventing 11,000 pounds of carbon dioxide emissions each year.